Academic Long Range Planning Committee


May 28, 2002


In Attendance:

Bryan Price, Presiding

Memo Diriker, Tim Dunn, Kevin Mann, Alan Selser, Miguel Mitchell, David Rieck, Ellen Zinner, Becky Emery


The primary ALRPC task is to craft a revised/new (2003-2008) Strategic Plan, delivered sometime in 2003. The Strategic Plan matrix, which designated primary and secondary campus owners of current plan goals and supporting actions, was sent on April 29 to obtain progress notes against the 1998-2003 strategic plan. The ALRPC will need to further involve the campus in the process beginning in the fall. The committee will be forwarded the responses this summer after Institutional Research receives and collates all comments.


Ellen Zinner shared that a firm has been selected for the Facilities Master Plan; the plan due date may have been moved back to February or March 15 to allow for campus input this fall. While on campus, the firm will focus on broad themes mainly at the School level. It was suggested to have at least one ALRP committee member attend the fall focus groups to obtain information for strategic planning. Our strategic planning efforts should dovetail with facilities master planning efforts, but should be focused on greater detail.


The committee discussed accountability issues surrounding the 1998-2003 plan. Accountability dissolved due to transitions in leadership and the lack of action plans to implement the strategic plan. Additionally, some on the campus may have felt that their input was not considered in the development of the plan. The committee was asked how to involve the campus to avoid these pitfalls, and in setting goals for crafting the new plan. Ideas shared were as follows:



No further business was discussed.


Summer goals for the committee have been accomplished; therefore the meeting for June 10 was cancelled. Schedules will be consulted and the next meetings will be planned for August.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.