Academic Long Range Planning Committee


April 19, 2002


In Attendance:

David Buchanan, Memo Diriker, Bryan Price, Kevin Mann, Alan Selser, Nomsa Geleta, Miguel Mitchell, David Rieck




Dr. Buchanan shared with the committee that as of April 15, Institutional Research, Assessment, & Accountability is reporting to the Provost, and that Bryan Price, in conjunction with the Associate Provost, will be responsible for leading the ALRP agenda, managing planning details, and directing interaction among other executive committees and campus constituents.


Facilities Master Plan


Dr. Buchanan discussed the expectations and changes in submitting the Facilities Master Plan to USM. Submission to the Board of Regents is expected by mid-year 2003; the President and Provost will establish a time-table for submission. Bids on the plan have already been received and presentations will begin mid-May. The Master Planning Steering Committee will score the bids and recommend the top three.


The Strategic Plan, 2003 2008


Dr. Buchanan turned the meeting over to Bryan Price to lead a discussion on assessment of the current Strategic Plan.


The goals (of the Strategic Planning Initiative) are to evaluate and revise the current plan, and to ensure that other institutional plans link to the strategic plan. Bryan presented the committee with a proposed time line and a revised spreadsheet for the Assessment of the Strategic Plan 1998-2003, which also designates goals to primary and secondary owners. The owners will be asked for status reports on progress against the plan. It was emphasized that this was intended as a status report, not an accountability report since accountability to the 1998-2003 strategic plan evaporated during implementation. It was suggested that, at a future time, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats should be identified (as was done previously). Among many other primary purposes, the strategic plan revisions will provide vital information needed for the Facilities Master Plan.


Target goals for the end of the fall 2002 semester were discussed. The primary goal is to finalize a working document, including ownership designations. The committee was asked for feedback regarding the suggested methods for involving the campus (i.e., using large group, forum-sized discussions, by divisions or cross-divisions). The committee suggested the following:





The committee began a review of the proposed time line and suggested some revisions. Resolved, that due dates for status reports will be moved to June 15, and other dates adjusted accordingly.


Dr. Buchanan wrapped up the discussion and suggested to distribute a joint memo from the President, Bryan Price and himself to the campus community regarding status reports.