Environmental Scan -Strategic Planning Committee


State and Federal Initiatives: Teachers and Teacher Education









        Technology in schools increasing-national and state standards in place



        Family involvement in education a growing trend.

o        New parent involvement standards developed

o        Parent rights redefined under NCLB



        Increasing influence of business in education.

o       Marylandís Business Roundtable

o       Search for funding/new relationships

o       Charter Schools



        Visionary Panel calls for alignment of every aspect of education horizontally and vertically



        Voluntary State-Wide Curriculum proposal



        Proliferation of certification and certificate type programs for specialized knowledge areas

o       Local example: 1973-1995 (22 year period) 2 programs 11 certification areas

1995-2002 (7 year period) 6 new programs 19 additional certification areas

††††††††††† o††† Many courses in programs need to be taught when student population is available



        Professional Development School Mandate

o       More University Courses offered at K-12 sites

        Pressure on students and faculty to travel to locations other than campus

        Impact on scheduling for students taking multiple courses

o       Significant potion of faculty time spent at K-12 sites

        Impact on traditional expectations of faculty in terms of service/scholarship

o       Education Department Campus expands to include K-12 sites



        Increased and extended field experiences/internships for teachers

o       Experiences outside of traditional University calendar

        Students required to do field experiences when SU classes not in session

        Education students follow public school calendar

o       Carnegie Corporation 2 year post-graduate clinical experience programs



Academic Trends: K-16 Seamless Transitions














**Unless otherwise noted the information in this section was taken off of the K-16 website.

http://mdk16.usmd.eduor links accessed from that site.



External Mandates:


NCATE standards used as an example here but applies to other programs as well



Policy on shared governance in University System of Maryland


Section L under Practice section of USM policy