Environmental Scan:  Career Markets



Fastest growing Occupations in 2000-10)-Listed only those requiring Bachelors and above

 (US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections)




Who’s in Demand?  Demand focuses on Technical degrees at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level.  (National Association of Colleges and Employers, Job Outlook, 2002)



Other Shortages

“Maryland faces a…severe shortage of nurses and pharmacist.”  (USM in 2010)


Top 10 personal qualities/ skills employers seek.  (National Association of Colleges and Employers, Job Outlook, 2002)


Career Earnings by Educational Attainment (American Council on Education, Center for Policy Analysis)

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Job Prospects in Nonprofit/Government (College Journal, Wall Street Journal, 2000)


Combined, the nonprofit and government sectors account for 20 percent of all economic activity in the United States. Most opportunities are civil service positions at the many government agencies, which exist at federal, state, and local levels.  This sector has shrunk in recent years, thanks to tighter

Federal budgets, but there are still plenty of government and nonprofit jobs.


The government/nonprofit sector offers the best prospects for employment—they plan to maintain hiring close to last year's levels according to a new survey of employers conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (reported in Job Web, September 2002).