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Summary of Student Characteristics: Fall 2016  (A-4.0)

Total Institutional Enrollment by Classification, Race/Ethnicity, and Status: Fall 2016  (B-2.0)

Total Institutional Enrollment by Sex and Status: Fall 2016  (B-3.0)

Total Institutional Demographics: 2006, 2012-2016  (B-5.0)

Total Institutional Enrollment by State: 2006, 2012-2016  (B-7.0)

Total Institutional Enrollment by County of Residence: 2006, 2011-2016 (B-9.0)

Institutional Enrollment by Country of Origin: Fall 2016  (B-10.0)

Institutional Enrollment by School & Discipline: Fall 2006, Fall 2012-Fall 2016  (C-1.0)

Degrees Awarded by Program and Race: AY 2015-16  (C-5.0)

Degrees Awarded Alphabetically by Program: 2005-06, AY 2011-12 to 2015-16  (C-6.0)

Total Student Credit Hours and FTES by Discipline & Course Level:  Fall 2016 (C-10.0)

Total Undergraduate Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity, Sex, and Status: Fall 2016  (D-3.0)

Total Undergraduates by Age and Sex: 2006, 2012-2016  (D-6.0)

Total Undergraduate Enrollment by County of Residence: 2006, 2011-2016  (D-7.0)

Total Undergraduate Enrollment by State: 2006, 2012-2016  (D-9.0)

Undergraduate Enrollment by School, Discipline, Class & Status: Fall 2016  (E-1.0)

Applications/Acceptances/Enrollment First-time, Degree-seeking Students: Fall 2006, Fall 2012-Fall 2016  (F-10.0)

Applications/Acceptances/Enrollment Transfer Students: Fall 2006, Fall 2012-Fall 2016  (F-11.0)

Applications/Acceptances/Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity First-time, Degree-seeking Students, Fall 2016  (F-12.0)

New Degree-seeking Student Enrollment: Undergraduate by School, Discipline & Admit Type. Fall 2016  (F-12.1)

Comparison of Mean SAT scores at Salisbury University, Maryland, and USA for Traditional Two-part Exam: Fall 2012-Fall 2016  (F-14.0)

Graduate Student Credit Hours by Department: Fall Enrollment 2006, 2012-2016 (G-9.0)

Number of Employees by Occupational Category and Status: 2013-2016  (H-11.0)


Annual Credit Hours by Program, Level & Semester - AY1617 


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