Theatre & Dance
Holloway Hall

Showcase Choreography Submission

  • Monday, June 2, 2014

  • Proposal due online on or before 12:00 noon

  • Submit music via email file to Director

What You Need to Know and Do

  1. The Fall Showcase is a program of audition-selected works choreographed by SUDC members.

  2. Choreographer Prerequisites:  one fall and one spring semester of previous SUDC membership.

  3. Click on Proposal; download, complete, and submit online by due date/time; print copy for yourself and bring to audition.

  4. Roster of selected choreographers will be sent via email Monday evening at 10:00 p.m.  By Tuesday at 5:00 p.m., selected choreographers must confirm acceptance or they will be dropped from the choreography roster.

Showcase Choreographer Requirements 

  1. Selected choreographers plan and hold a Showcase Casting Audition for DANC-106 Dance Company at the 2nd class meeting [allow for Monday Labor Day Holiday], 4:30-5:30 p.m.
  2. Meet immediately after to negotiate and follow casting policies:
    1. No pre-casting.
    2. Select only from Showcase Casting Audition participants.
    3. Guest performer must be pre-approved by director.
    4. A dance cast can number from one to seven dancers.
    5. A dance cast must include both new and returning members.
      1. New member defined as having one or two semesters of SUDC.
      2. Cast numbering one to four dancers must include at least one new member.
      3. Cast numbering five to seven dancers must include at least two new members.
    6. A dance cast roster must include one understudy per dance.
    7. A dancer can rehearse/perform from one to three Showcase works in addition to all-company finale.
  3. Rehearsals begin the day following Showcase Casting Audition (Tuesday). 
  4. Log-in regularly at MyClasses@SU course web site.
  5. Keep director informed of rehearsal problems or concerns.

  6. Follow schedule and submit Production Forms online through MyClasses@SU course web site:

    1. Costume Order
    2. Press Release - Program Bio - Program Text
    3. Technical Q2Q
    4. CD-ROM with Master Recording Instructions