Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty/Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who do I call if my telephone is not working?

If you are having a problem with your telephone, contact the campus switchboard at x36000 or you can email us at   Be sure to include your name, extension, building and room location and the nature of your problem.

  2. How do I access my voicemail account?

If calling from your phone on campus, dial 89133 (or press the voicemail button). When prompted, enter your Password.

If calling from another on campus phone, dial 89133, press the * key, when prompted, enter your ID number (5 digit on campus extension or 5 digit mailbox number), press the # key, when prompted, enter your password.

If calling from off campus, dial 410-548-9133, press the * key, when prompted, enter your ID number (5 digit on campus extension or 5 digit mailbox number), press the # key, when prompted, enter your password.

  3. I have forgotten my voicemail password. What do I do?

Contact the campus switchboard at x36000 or you can email us at .  Your original password cannot be retrieved, so a temporary password will be created for you to gain access to your account.  You will then be prompted to create a new password.

  4. How do I prevent callers from leaving me a message on my voicemail while I am on vacation?

The campus voicemail system will allow you to create an Unavailable Greeting that will block callers from leaving a message while you are out of the office for an extended period of time.  From the main menu (within the voicemail system), press 4-Setup Options, 1-Greetings and call transfer, 1-Change greetings, 3-Edit turn on other greetings, 6-Edit unavailable greeting and record your message.

  5. Is there an employee discount for my personal cell phone?

There is no discount for cellular service for employees of Salisbury University.  There are discounts available for State of Maryland employees.  Visit our link on cellular servicefor more information.

  6. I have rearranged my office. How do I get my phone and computer connection moved to the other side?

A work order request is required for any moves, adds or changes to your office or department.  Visit our link on work orders for more information.

  7. Is there a feature guide for using my NEC phone?


FEATURE + 1 = Turns MIC on and off Headset – Press to activate Headset Operation

FEATURE + 2 = Adjusts handset receiver volume Mic – To Activate or Deactivate Microphone

FEATURE + 3 = Selects ringing tone (4 Choices) Help – Press Help and the Soft key for information

FEATURE + 4 = Transmission/receiving volume Exit – Press to exit Help Program


1. Get Dial Tone 1. Get Dial tone

2. Dial *3 or press FWD (forward) key

3. Enter suitable extension, FWD light will stay on

4. To cancel, lift handset, press FWD key, or **3


Transfer one line to another Allows three parties on the line

1. You have caller on line

2. Press TRF, hear stutter dial tone

3. Dial the number to be added (internal/external)

4. Press CONF to join all three parties

**Note: If you are the only internal party and you


Transfer one line to another

1. You have caller on the line

2. Press TRF (transfer), hear stutter dial tone

3. Dial extension number, wait for answer

4. Announce call privately, hang up

5. If unable to transfer because busy, no answer or dialing error, press TRF again to return to caller

Note: If Voice Mail answers and you want to disconnect, press *0


Your last 5 numbers can be dialed automatically

1. Press REDIAL, last number dialed is displayed

2. Press REDIAL until desired number is displayed

3. Press the * key and the number is dialed

* * *
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