Faculty/Staff Support

The Telecommunications Office can provide support for all your needs related to the following areas: telephone, voicemail, cellular phones, work order requests, and directory listings.


Contact us for any questions/problems you may have regarding your telephone in your office or lab. We have a full-time technician who can easily be dispatched to assist you. To report a telephone problem, call the campus switchboard, x36000 or send an email to and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Teleconference Service

We offer teleconference service.  In order to use this service you need to send a signed work order, from the budget administrator, to the Telecommunications office at least a week in advance.   Please include the department, account code, date, # of participants, time and length of the teleconference. If it is urgent please email us at, include in the email the department, account code, date, # of participants, time and length of the teleconference and we will get it to you as soon as possible.  Once the bill is received we will charge the call to the account code that is on the work order/email. 

Viewing Telephone Bills Online

It is imperative that as a university that we look at our landline phone bills each month. This gives the budget administrator from each department a chance to look over the departments phone bills for the month and check to make sure that calls are legitimate.  If you find that some of those calls are personal then you should alert the faculty/staff member so that they can go to the cashiers office and pay for them under your departments account code.  If you find discrepancies on your phone bill please contact Christi Green-Hendrix at ext. 36501. Here is the link that will take you to the website where you can check your telephone charges for the month SU monthly telephone bill .


Each faculty/staff member at Salisbury University has the option of utilizing the campus voicemail system (UNIVERGE UM8500). Contact the Telecommunications Office if you have forgotten your password or need a new account established. The system is very easy to use. The voicemail system guide is available in the Faculty/Staff Directory each year.

Cell Phones

The State of Maryland has a contract with AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless to provide cellular service to state employees for state use only. For more information about this service, click on cellular services.

Faculty Staff Discounts

AT&T and Verizon Wireless do offer discounts to state employees for their personal cellular phones. Please note that these offers are not available in retail stores. It can only be acquired by contacting the rep directly.

AT&T - Brian Taylor, 410-608-3946,  or   Please mention company code 2405242   SU employees receive a discount of 17%.

Verizon Wireless - 866-456-7892 (For existing service discount) or Verizon Discount For State Employees  ***Did you know that as a Verizon Wireless customer you can reach the Salisbury University Police by dialing #787 from your mobile device***            December 9, 2013 -  Verizon Wireless has started notifying SU employees that their discount is being reduced from 17% to 15%. 

Sprint/Nextel - Justin S. Schumer, 443-324-2197 or  (To set up new service)

Sprint/Nextel - 1-800-390-7545 (For existing service, 15% discount, use CorpID: GLLMD_ZZZ with Root Node: 0583881124 and IL Node: 0583881259).

Work Order Requests

Should you or your department need your phone or computer moved or relocated to another area, please submit a work order to our office. We also handle your requests to install new services (voice/computer jacks) or to purchase telecommunications equipment (telephones, headsets, cell phones). For more information, visit the work order webpage.

Directory Listings

The Telecommunications Office is responsible for the following directory publications:

If you need to make any additions or corrections to make to your listing. The online directories are updated as changes occur. Submit your directory information at the following link Directory Changes