Directory Information

SU Online Directory

The Telecommunications Office provides an online search of all faculty and staff employed at Salisbury University. The Salisbury University - Directories is available 24 hours a day. This option can also be used to find out faculty/staff email addresses. Once you have found the person you are looking for, click on the (+) sign (?) for more information; there you will find an email address. If there is not one listed than they may not have an account established.

Wicomico County Phone Book & Yellowbook

Each year the Telecommunications Office provides a listing of all departments/offices to Verizon for publication in our local county telephone book and Yellowbook. The listings for this publication is an exact replica of the Quick Reference Sheet, located in the campus directory. This information is also used for directory assistance. To report a problem with the listing or to find out more about this publication, contact the Telecommunications Office at

State of Maryland Online Directory

Each year the Telecommunications Office provides a listing of all employees at Salisbury University to the Department of Budget & Management (Telecommunications Division) of Maryland for publication on their Maryland Telephone Directory. The listings are grouped based on senior administration, academic schools and all other administrative offices.