Cellular Procedures

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Request for Service

  1. Submit a written request (work order or service request) to the Telecommunications Office for service, approved & signed by the department budget administrator.
  2. Identify within request the following items:
    1. User Name
    2. Department
    3. Account Code
    4. User’s need for cellular technology
    5. Frequency user will spend away from office
    6. User’s strategic importance to department operations
  3. User must sign Cellular Telephone Agreement with Telecommunications Office on date of equipment issuance.
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Monthly Review

  1. The Telecommunications Office will mail each budget administrator the telephone charges for their department each month.
  2. The user has five (5) business days to review the bill. During this review, the user must identify any personal calls that may have been placed, with the intent to pay for those charges. The user must then sign the bill and submit the bill to his/her immediate supervisor and/or budget administrator for final review. The budget administrator will determine where the user will forward the bill to the supervisor or to the budget administrator or both.
  3. The Telecommunications Office will keep track of departmental reviews and report any lapses to both the department head/budget Administrator and the Associate Vice President of Administration.
  4. Failure to comply with the review process may result in revocation of cellular telephone services.
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Payments Reimbursements

  1. The Telecommunications Office will initially pay for each monthly bill associated with all cellular telephone services. The Telecommunications Office will then submit a summary of individual departmental charges to the General Accounting Office for departmental reimbursement.
  2. In reviewing individual bills, users are expected to reimburse the University for any personal calls placed on the state-issued cellular telephone. The user is responsible for the cost of the call(s), appropriate taxes & fees associated with the call(s) and a prorated portion of the monthly service fee, based on the number of calls placed. To determine how to calculate the exact amount to be reimbursed, the user should contact the Telecommunications Office. Any reimbursements should be forwarded to the Cashier’s Office. Reimbursements should be applied as a budget credit to the department responsible for that user’s phone.
  3. Any equipment purchases (i.e. new service and/or lost, stolen or damaged) will be charged to the departmental budget.
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