Cellular Policy

The Telecommunications Office is responsible for developing procedures pertaining to the acquisition and use of telecommunications equipment, systems and services for Salisbury University.  The purpose of this policy is to provide a guide for university employees concerning the authorization and prohibition with regards to the usage of cellular telephone equipment and services.


The University currently has an exclusive and comprehensive contract, via a State of Maryland contract.  This plan provides an array of telephone equipment and services that should benefit all who utilize the contract.

Selection Eligibility

The Telecommunications Office handles all requests for state-issued cellular telephone service.  In addition to acquisition, we also provide consultation before selecting your phone/plan and training after the selection on the various equipment and features.  Employee eligibility for a state-issued cellular phone will be determined by the department Budget Administrator using the following criteria:

Clear connection of user’s job responsibilities and need for the technology

Frequency and/or time user will spend outside his/her office

Strategic importance of user to operations


All inquiries and requests for state-issued cellular telephone service should be routed to the Telecommunications Office.  The request should be submitted and signed, in the form of a work order, by the department’s budget administrator.  The request shall include the user’s name, department and a valid account code.  In addition, the work order will include justification, addressing the criteria above, for issuance of the phone.

Department Guidelines

By submitting a request for cellular service, the departmental budget administrator agrees to assume financial responsibility for all charges incurred, including monthly and airtime charges.  The Telecommunications Office will pay the cellular charges initially and submit entries to General Accounting for reimbursement from the department on a monthly basis. Budget administrators/supervisors are also responsible for reviewing his/her respective user's monthly bill(s).  In the event a budget administrator discovers misuse, the Telecommunications Office should be notified immediately to determine the amount to be reimbursed.  Any equipment purchased by the department shall become part of the departmental inventory.  In the event the user leaves the university or is re-assigned to another department, all cellular equipment must be returned to the department head/budget administrator.  It is then the responsibility of the department head/budget administrator to contact the Telecommunications Office about returning the equipment or re-assignment to the user’s replacement. 

User Guidelines

The cellular plan bills on a per call basis, therefore users must be aware that they are responsible for calls sent and calls received.  The following guidelines have been established to assist in preventing unauthorized use of state-issued cellular telephones and services. 

State-issued cellular telephones are for official university business only

Individuals utilizing state-issued cellular telephones for personal use will be required to reimburse the university for all charges associated with the call(s), including appropriate taxes, fees & a prorated portion of the monthly charge

Misuse/abuse may result in loss of cellular services and/or administrative action regardless of employee’s intent to reimburse for the cost of the calls

Cellular numbers are not to be published in any printed or electronic form (i.e. directory, telephone book, business card, flyer, stationary, email signature)

Cellular numbers are not to be included in any campus voicemail recordings

Cellular numbers should only be distributed to essential personnel within the department with explanation as to when the user should be contacted via the cellular phone

Users are advised not to use state-issued cellular telephones on campus, if a campus telephone (i.e. desk phone or courtesy phone) is accessible

Safety Guidelines

University personnel should be aware of the hazards of operating a motor vehicle while utilizing a cellular telephone.  It is highly recommended that users pull the vehicle off the road to a safe location before using the cellular telephone.  If a user is in a state that prohibits the use of cellular telephones while operating a motor vehicle, the user must comply with the law.  Equipment is available to provide hands-free operation to provide for additional safety while traveling.  Contact the Telecommunications Office for more information and/or training about these special features/functions.

Devices should be kept safe at all times. 

Attn All iPhone and iPad users:  It is a University requirement that the device be equipped with the "find my iPhone/iPad app" prior to release of the telecommunications office and/or IT employee acting on Telecommunications behalf.

Should an app for other devices become available to help find, secure, or delete phone/tablet in case it is lost or stolen it will be required that it be downloaded by the Universty.