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Learning Plus Software

Preparation for the PRAXIS Core exams in reading, writing, and math

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The Seidel School of Education has a tool available for teacher education candidates (SU students only)  who want more practice for the PRAXIS Core skills tests in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Learning PlusŪ software is a computer-based version of ETS’s PRAXIS Core PPST practice book, containing skills assessments, sample tests, and skill reviews for students planning to take the PRAXIS Core tests.

Learning Plus allows SU candidates the option of signing up for a Learning Plus account and reviewing for the PRAXIS Core in a campus computer lab. Learning Plus offers review and practice in reading, writing, math, comprehension, and critical thinking—all skills that are tested on the PRAXIS Core.

When you sign up for a Learning Plus account, you will have secure access to take practice tests and review skills.

Learning Plus Account Sign-Up

To receive a free Learning Plus account, email your request to  Kimberly Clark-Shaw, advising coordinator,