Application to Early Childhood/Elementary Internship Requirements

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  1. Complete an application for formal admission to the internship by the deadline set by the Teacher Education Department
  2. Complete at least 90 credits toward the degree with grades of C or better, including transfer courses
  3. Complete the required professional education courses with an overall GPA of 2.75 and grade C or better (professional education courses may be repeated only once)
  4. Exhibit professional program candidate dispositions
    Return printed application to Education Advisor for processing
    Complete and return a Background Affirmation to TETC 353, Field Experience Office

Required Professional Program Courses

ECED/ELED Double Major Requirements

Block A - 12 hours
ECED 320 Developing the Young Child 3
ELED 318 Computers in Education 3
ELED 309 Classroom Visitations 0
ELED *310 Language Arts Instruction 3
ELED *316 Reading Instruction 3
ELED 317 Creative Arts Instruction 3

Block B - 9 hours
ELED 309 Classroom Visitations 0
ELED 311 Mathematics Instruction 3
ELED 312 Science Instruction 3
ELED 313 Social Studies Instruction 3
ELED 408 Children's Literature 3

Block C - 12 hours
ECED **421 Language, Literacy, Play 3
ECED **422 Discovery through Interdisciplinary Studies 3
ELED 415 Instructional Techniques for Inclusion 3
ELED 416 Classroom Management (Optional) 3
ELED **409 Classroom Visitations 0
ELED 427 Classroom Assessment and Intervention in Reading 3

BLOCK D - 15 Hours
ECED ***445 Early Childhood Education Internship I 6
ELED 401 Elementary Education Internship I 6
ELED 402 Elementary Education Internship II 6
ELED 411 Internship Seminar 3

* Prerequisites for ELED 408 and ELED 427
** Courses taken with visitations for PreK/K
*** 21 weeks of internship required


Calculate the ECED/ELED Double Major Required Internship GPA

Utilize this calculator by typing the letter grade in the yellow column. If you have not taken the course leave "U"as the letter and change the credits in the grey column to zero.

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