Department of Teacher Education

Keith J. Conners

Keith J. Conners is a professor in the Department of Teacher Education. Dr. Conners considers his campus to include the local schools in Worcester County where SU candidates and interns complete their field experiences. As the Professional Development School (PDS) Liaison for three of these sites, he gives our teacher education programs a visible presence in the field and helps build a strong relationship with teachers and school leaders. He co-teaches many of his classes with dynamic public school teachers who form the nucleus of our PDS partnership.

All of the following statements about Dr. Conners are true except for one. Stop by his office in CH 138 to confirm your suspicions:

  • He used to be SU’s men’s intercollegiate soccer coach.
  • He served as Interim Dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies for three years.
  • His hobbies include scrapbooking, ballroom dancing and water skiing.
  • His undergraduate major at Middlebury College was French.
  • He has done consulting work for TV stations and a candidate for the U.S. Senate.
  • With partner Mike Vienna, he once won the SU intramural golf tournament.