Sustainability @ SU
Holloway Hall

University Sustainability Committee

Subcommittee For The Development Of A Climate Action Plan For Carbon Neutrality

Membership of Climate Action Plan Subcommittee - was charged with developing the Climate Action Plan (CAP) and customizing the tracking & reporting spreadsheet to each section of the CAP.



Mike Vienna Athletics
Tim Jones Energy Manager
Libby Young Environmental Students Assoc.
Karen Olmstead Faculty - Dean
Richard England Faculty - Fulton School
Andy Pica Faculty - Henson School
Stephen Ford Faculty - Library
Dan Ervin Faculty - Perdue School
Ed Robeck Faculty - Seidel School
Betty Crockett Financial Services
Ken Kundell Information Technology
Colleen Kirby Motorpool
Joyce Falkinburg Procurement
Becky Rosing-Johnson Recycling
Jackie Eberts Staff Senate
Gwen Owen Student Affairs
Elizabeth Wright Student Sustainability Club
Wayne Shelton Sustainability
Kevin Mann Transportation/Phys Plant
Lora Bottinelli Ward Museum / Outreach

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