Sustainability @ SU
Holloway Hall


Salisbury University has been growing recently to accommodate a steady growth in student population in a smart and sustainable way. Among the list of recent accomplishments is the comprehensive housing renovation. These projects upgraded energy efficiency, building function and aesthetic appeal and all will be LEED certified. In addition, Perdue Hall was recently unveiled as the new home for the Perdue School of Business along with Seagull Square, a multi-use building with student residents and commercial lease space. Perdue Hall will be LEED Gold certified and Sea Gull Square was designated LEED Silver.

Some other sustainable aspects of these projects include: reducing the sprawl of traditional parking lots, increased accessibility by cyclists, planting trees and restoration of landscapes, energy efficient lighting upgrades, water conserving plumbing fixtures, high construction recycling rates, geothermal HVAC installations, and HVAC equipment efficiency upgrades.

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