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Sustainability @ SU


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  • SU won the 2009 PLANT Green Award, the highest sustainability award given by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service and Forestry Council.
  • SU's recycling program began in 1990 through the Horticulture Department.
  • New benches are made from recycled materials including plastic lumber made from recycled bottles.
  • In the greenhouse and interior spaces, liquid dish soap and water are used instead of harsh chemicals to remove insects.
  • Students weed planting beds manually to reduce the use of weed killer.
  • Mulching blades are used on SU lawnmowers to reduce waste and add nutrients back into the soil from grass and leaves.
  • Leaves from plant beds, branches, and plant trimmings are collected and sent to a local company which uses them to prepare mulch for commercial sale.
  • Landscaping is irrigated only when absolutely necessary to maintain the health of the landscaping stock.
  • Landscaping is irrigated with non-potable groundwater and the annual number of gallons of irrigation water has declined significantly in recent years.
  • Greenhouse staff wash and reuse pots and bedding trays instead of discarding.
  • Campus trash containers are paired with recycling receptacles so users have a choice.
  • Bicycle racks are incorporated into campus design projects to promote an alternative to driving.
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