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  • In 2014, Salisbury University faculty established The University Academic Sustainability Committee "U-ASC". 

  • The mission of the U-ASC is to foster a student-centered awareness of sustainability through education, research, and community engagement. U-ASC strives to facilitate students connecting what they learn with how they live by supporting curricular offerings and teaching methods, as well as campus and community-based research, events, and activities that embrace the concepts of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. By instilling a sense of the importance of sustainability into our academic community, our graduates will be empowered with an understanding of societal needs to ensure the survivability of future generations and the natural environment.

  • U-ASC broadly defines sustainability as human activities and patterns of resource use that meet the needs of the present without compromising the integrity of global ecosystems or the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  

  • Sustainability should be manifest in our policies, cultures, societies, systems, technologies, strategies, and actions which support the preservation of finite resources, and the well-being of ecosystems, societies, and individual inhabitants of the world.

  • U-ASC Membership:
    Sarah Surak - Chair
    Gina Bloodworth
    Christina Camillo
    Lori Carmack
    Danny Ervin
    Stephen Ford
    Aaron Hogue
    Joseph Howard
    Judy Jaronski
    Karl Maier
    Shawn McEntee
    Heidi Moore
    Mark Muller
    Karen Olmstead
    Wayne Shelton

  • For more information contact Sarah Surak at

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