Sustainability @ SU
Holloway Hall

Sustainability Initiatives

Physical Plant

  • All major renovation projects on campus have been upgraded with an energy recovery system to pre-condition outside air before it enters the building, resulting in a major reduction of energy necessary for heating and cooling.
  • SU mandates that contractors recycle carpeting removed from campus buildings.
  • Maryland requires 75 percent of new vehicle purchases be flex-fueled or hybrid; All of SU's new-car purchases since 2007 have been either flex-fueled or hybrid.
  • Over the past year, SU replaced seven high mileage fleet vehicles that were in poor condition and had high repair costs with Altima hybrid vehicles. In addition, two aging police vehicles were replaced with Altima hybrids. University Police reports that the fuel efficiency for the police vehicles has increased from 10 mpg to 20 mpg.
  • All new utility vehicle purchases for the University are battery operated.
  • SU partners with Pepco Energy Services, Inc. and the Maryland Department of General Services in a campuswide initiative that saves water equal to the annual consumption of 473 family homes, electricity sufficient to power 1,600 homes and reduce emissions equal to removing 1,571 cars from the road or planting 2,145 acres of trees, all while saving the University an estimated $6 million over the next 15 years. The partnership provided a cost savings of $331,378 in its initial year.
  • Highlights include:

    • Replacement of more efficient mechanical equipment in 14 campus buildings;
    • Installation of tens of thousands more energy efficient bulbs and lighting fixtures and installation of energy "misers" on vending machines;
    • Upgrading some 1,700 plumbing fixtures with low-flow devices to conserve 11 million gallons of water annually; and
    • Using renewable energy sources to supply at least 10 percent of SU's power