Street Smart
Holloway Hall

Tips for Skateboarders

(Note: Though skateboarders have a set of safety tips unique to them, they should also observe all safety tips related to pedestrians.)

  • Obey city laws. Skateboard only in places where the activity is allowed. Skateboarding anywhere else not only puts you in physical danger but also puts you at risk for legal trouble.
  • Never ride in the street. Unlike a bike, you’re still considered a pedestrian while on a skateboard. Use the sidewalks.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Collisions may not only harm you but other pedestrians. Even worse, collisions may cause you to fall into traffic where you can be injured further.
  • Be aware of your abilities. Progress at your own speed, don’t try to ride too fast or do a maneuver you may not be comfortable with. Falling may hurt, but it can also cause harm to others around you.
  • Get off your skateboard when crossing the street. Don’t skateboard across intersections, falling in the road may put you in harms way.

* * *