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For over a quarter of a century the SSO is where the community and University have come together to make music. Throughout the decades, the orchestra has placed a special emphasis on children’s programming and young musicians, whether it be a space concert with selections from “Star Wars” to a wickedly funny "The Composer Is Dead" by Lemony Snicket. Many young soloists have been spotlighted such as pianist Scott Hawkins and harpist Melissa Tardiff.

This Education and Outreach Web site features:

  • Tools for Teachers: study guides to the upcoming SSO season, created by students and faculty in the SU Department of Music. The study guides include vocabulary, lesson plans, assessment, resources and references for teachers. Also part of the tools are a brief history of the SSO, biographies of the conductor and concertmaster, concert etiquette, an a musician seating chart.
  • Meet the Musicians: personal thoughts and experiences shared by the SSO players, from how they came to play in the orchestra to the music on their iPods!
  • Orchestrapedia: a lexicon of instruments, musical terms, composers and music history.
  • Not-So-FAQs: questions we might think about but forget to ask!

Enjoy! We hope to see you at the concerts!