What Can ShoreEnergy Do For You?

Research Engine:
ShoreEnergy facilitates practical and academic research on energy topics of concern to the community, including:

  • energy infrastructure development
  • energy infrastructure security and the effect on national and regional security
  • environmental consequences of energy usage on natural resource management policies
  • sustainable and renewable energy practices

Facilitate Policy:
 An impartial voice, ShoreEnergy facilitates the shaping of energy public policy at the local, state and national levels. Members of ShoreEnergy’s staff are available to testify at public hearings when their expertise can provide illumination on the energy issues under consideration.

Resolve Disputes:
ShoreEnergy is ready to serve as an arbitrator between parties with potentially different perspectives on a particular energy-related issue. Providing an open and unbiased environment for such discussions, ShoreEnergy staff help parties decide upon a mutually beneficial—and environmentally and economically sound—course of action.

Answer Your Questions:
ShoreEnergy can answer your energy-related questions and when they don’t know they answers, the staff will research your question to find you the answer.

Create Contacts:
ShoreEnergy maintains a central contact database of experts and interested parties in the energy-related industry. Similar to matching answers to questions, ShoreEnergy establishes strong and mutually beneficial collaborations on projects with the private sector, public agencies, community-based organizations and academic institutions.

Share Information:
ShoreEnergy serves to inform the public with respect to the saline points concerning energy matters. Through newspaper editorials, television news interviews and public meetings, the ShoreEnergy staff share their knowledge and extensive research to educate the public of current energy-related issues.

Energy Educators:
Based at Salisbury University’s Perdue School of Business, ShoreEnergy serves in a formal sense to further energy education in the classroom. Through assisting in the development of specific courses to address energy use, production and economics, as well as providing supporting materials to related courses, ShoreEnergy ensures that students receive a thoughtful and accurate education in energy-related issues.