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Health-Related Physical Fitness Standards Competition

  • Flexibility, Sit and Reach
  • Muscular Fitness, Push-Ups in 1 min
  • Aerobic Fitness, Rockport One Mile Walk Test
  • Body Composition, BIA Handheld Device


  • Participants receive a Gold Medal for testing Above Average in all 5 Physical Fitness categories, a Silver Medal for testing Above Average in 4 of 5 categories, and a Bronze Medal for testing Above Average in 3 of 5 categories.
  • The Sit and Reach is performed using a sit and reach box (or yard stick) where the participants sit on the floor, legs straight (fully extended), with her or his bare feet (no shoes) resting flat against the sit and reach box.  The subject reaches forward toward their toes using the fingers on both hands to slide the measurement tool on the box, and holds their reach for 2 seconds.  Above average sit and reach performance is greater than 16in or 15in for men ages 50-59 and >60, respectively.  Above average for women is greater than 19in or 17.5in for women ages 50-59 and >60, respectively.
  • The Push Up test is performed with the participant starting in the ‘up’ position with their body weight resting on their hands and toes or knees with ankles crossed (modified position).  Upon starting, the participant lowers herself (or himself) into the ‘down’ position (elbows forming right angle, and chest parallel to floor), and then pushing to the ‘up’ position while keeping the back straight.  The participant should complete as many ‘correct’ pushups as is possible in one minute without resting (subject must maintain support of their body weight on the hands and feet (or knees) at all times).  Above average push up performance is greater than 20 or 19 for standard push-ups for ages 50-59 or >60, respectively.  Above average push-up performance is greater than 18 or 13 for modified push ups for ages 50-59 or >60, respectively.
  • The Walk Test is performed by having the participant walk one mile as fast as they can around a measured course.  The time to walk the one mile is recorded, the participant determines their recovery heart rate using a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, and Aerobic Capacity (VO2max) will be calculated.  Specifically, heart rate will be recorded immediately after the walk, 30sec after, and 60sec after completion of the walk, and then averaged to determine a one minute recovery heart rate.  Above average for men is completing the walk in less than12 min, and completing the walk in less than 13 and 1/2 min women. 
  • The BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) test is performed by having the participant grip and handheld BIA device for 20 sec while the device calculates the participants percent body fat.  Above average percent body fat is less than 20% for men.  Above average percent body fat is less than 30% for women.
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