Eastern Shore Senior Games


Image of Holloway Hall building on SU's campus, fall leaves in the foreground

Eastern Shore Senior Games

Personal Fitness Training


  • The Senior Games Personal Fitness Training will be a chance for you to engage in exercise and workouts that will help you prepare and warm-up for the upcoming games.  You will be individually trained by faculty, staff, and students of Salisbury University’s Exercise Science Department and Exercise Science Club.  The program will consist of exercises and techniques taught in an innovative way to help you improve upon muscular fitness, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and core stability.  Each program will be designed to help you maximize performance during your event.  You will also learn techniques that will help you to progress physically and reduce the risk of injury in the future.


  • Once a week - sessions held March 30 through April 23.  If requested, additional sessions may be scheduled.


  • The training sessions will take place in the fitness facilities of Maggs Physical Activities Center on the campus of Salisbury University.   

*You will also be given the opportunity to have various fitness tests conducted, i.e. body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance.   (*additional charges for these services*)

 For additional information, please contact the program coordinator, Brent Fedorko, at bffedorko@salisbury.edu or 410-677-0075.