Eastern Shore Senior Games


Image of Holloway Hall building on SU's campus, fall leaves in the foreground

Eastern Shore Senior Games

Individual and Team Competitions

Event Check-In

Central Registration will take place at the Maggs Physical Activity Center. Participants are provided general event information and vendor displays. Event Site Registration occurs for tennis, golf and bowling. Participants must register ONE time at one of these locations. Check-in takes place with the event coordinator at the on-site location 30 minutes prior to the event start.

High Risk Events

High risk events require an extensive level of physical fitness and training. Do not engage in these events if you do not already participate regularly (3 day/week). Doctor's consent needed for person's diagnosed with high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory conditions or orthopedic problems

Medium Risk Events

Medium risk events require less extensive physical conditioning, but have some risk due to their competitive nature.
Click on the links below to see information about your event
Aquatics  (High Risk)
Badminton (Doubles only)
Fitness Testing
Floor and Foul Shooting
Pickleball (Doubles only)
Personal Training
Pump and Run
Tennis (High Risk/ singles)
Table Tennis
Track and Field  (High Risk/ all track events)

Volleyball  (High Risk)