Student Activities, Organizations, & Leadership
Holloway Hall

Policies and Procedures: 2014 - 2015

Looking for Forms?

These forms are being updated. In the meantime, visit the Student Activities office in Guerrieri University Center with questions or concerns.


  • Introduction
  • Becoming and Remaining Recognized
    Organization Recognition Policy
    Becoming Recognized
    Sample Description
  • Writing Your Constitution
    Sample Constitution 
  • The Appropriations Board
    Constitution of SU Appropriations Board
    RSO request for funding form 
    Appropriations Board Contract

    Reserving Facilities on Campus
    Reserving University Facilities 
    Residence Hall Quad 
    The Pergola 
    Facilities Reservation Form 
    Instructions for Additional Services 
    Scarborough Student Leadership Center  (SSLC) 
    SSLC Room Reservation Form  (Link)
  • Various Events Policies
    Event Services Worksheet 
    The Commons  
    Alcoholic Beverage Policy
  • Alcohol Request Form 
    Bake Sales 
    Burning Candles in Facilities
    Chalk Policy
  • Event Guidelines Form

  • Additional Events Policies
    Electronic Web Calendar 
    Facilities Policy:  Fronting 
    Meetings, Rallies & Assemblies
    Reserving a Car or Van
  • Travel Forms Online
    Petitions and Gathering Signatures
  • Publicity/Promoting Your Organization
    Public Relations 
    Electronic Bulletin Board Request Form 
    Publications Office/Copy Center 
  • Paperwork
    Purchase Orders/Work Orders 
    Application for a Raffle in the University Facilities/Grounds
    Reservations Checklists 

    Moving and Setting Up Equipment Procedures
  • Guidelines for Sports Club
    Requirements of Participants 
    Program Safety
    Sports Clubs Accident Procedures 
  • Forms for Sports Clubs
    Faculty/Staff Advisor 
    Itinerary Form 
    Approved Travel Roster 
    Accident Report
    Informed Consent 
    Release of all Liability Claims 
    Driver Registration