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Conflict Resolution Club [Website] 158 [-]
The Conflict Resolution Club was established in fall of 2001. We have three major responsibilities: (1) The club sponsors the "One Person Can Make a Difference" lecture series, by helping the Conflict Center recruit inspirational, political speakers (such as: Dr. Arun Gandhi-Ji, President F.W. de Klerk, UNs under-secretary-general: Ibrahim Agboola Gambari, and other global leaders).The lecture series remains our most primary focus area, in efforts to make an impact on the University. (2) We promote the Center for Conflict Resolution's mediation facilities. We are now equipped with professionally trained student mediators and we raise awareness of mediation on campus via our Mediation Referral Program. This gives students an opportunity to bring ANY conflicts--from professor-student conflict to student-parent conflicts--to mediation to get help from a diverse mediator group. (3)We help educate students in and new to the CADR major on: benefits of the CADR major; practicum, employment and career opportunities; and of various events, activities and organizations.
  • Conflict Resolution Club [Website]
  • President:
  • President Email:
  • Contact: Brian Polkinghorn
  • Phone: 410-219-2873
  • Email:
  • Location: Conflict Resolution House
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