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Formal Recruitment Rules

  • A potential new member is ineligible for membership recruitment if she has already been initiated into a National Panhellenic Conference sorority.
  • A potential new member is ineligible for membership recruitment if she has been a new member of a National Panhellenic Conference sorority at Salisbury University within the past calendar year.
  • A potential new member must provide her own transportation to and from membership recruitment events.
  • If a potential new member accepts an invitation and fails to attend a recruitment event without submitting an absentee form prior to the event, she will be ineligible to continue in membership recruitment. In the event of a scheduling conflict, illness or emergency, it is the potential new member’s responsibility to notify the Panhellenic Association and her Recruitment Counselor.
  • A potential new member should contact the Panhellenic Association and her Recruitment Counselor if she desires to withdraw from the membership recruitment process.
  • Throughout the entire membership recruitment process, the potential new member may only visit and have contact with each sorority within the designated recruitment schedule.
  • Casual conversations between potential new members and individual sorority members outside of the designated recruitment schedule shall be kept friendly, brief and off the topic of membership recruitment. Only sorority members who currently live with a potential new member may be in her place of residence during membership recruitment, and vice versa.
  • All recruitment-related questions or issues should be directed to either the Panhellenic Association or a Recruitment Counselor only.
  • No sorority member may buy or give anything to a potential new member.
  • A potential new member should not give a promise, either verbal or written, to join a certain sorority before bids are issued through the Panhellenic Association.
  • A potential new member will complete the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Agreement after the Preference Round. This is a binding contract once it has been signed, and no changes may be made.
  • Any potential new member who signs the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Agreement and receives a bid at the end of membership recruitment will be bound by the agreement for one calendar year at Salisbury University.
  • At no point should a potential new member be encouraged to “intentionally single preference”. This is defined as failing to accept any invitation for a membership recruitment event for which there was room in her recruitment schedule or failing to list all sororities attended during Preference Round on the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Agreement.