Sea Gull


Holloway Hall

Appearance Request Form for Sammy Sea Gull

Appearance Guidelines:

(please review before submitting request form)

  • Periodic breaks are required and water must be provided.
  • Must provide a private and secure place for changing and that can be used as a break room.
  • Must provide parking for the performer.
  • Appearance fee is $50/hour for community events and $12.50/hour for campus events. Travel fee will be added if over 30 minute drive.
  • Agreed upon payment amount must be made at least 3 days prior to event date.
  • Minimum of one hour appearance time required.
  • SU cannot guarantee that each requested appearance will be filled. Priority is given to SU’s own events.
  • Sammy never speaks in public, nor is he ever seen partially costumed. The performer’s identity will remain a secret. Sammy cannot be photographed with any alcohol or illegal substances.

Appearance Request Form:

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By submitting this form, the requesting organization agrees to comply with all aforementioned guidelines.