Leadership Development and Assessment Course

FORT LEWIS, Wash. - The Leader Development and Assessment Course, also known as Operation Warrior Forge, is U.S. Army Cadet Command's flagship training and assessment exercise held here each summer. Every Army ROTC cadet hoping to pin-on the gold bar of an Army lieutenant must successfully complete Warrior Forge. After graduation, most attendees will go back to their colleges or universities to finish their degrees and then be commissioned. Some cadets, having completed all other commissioning requirements, will receive their gold bars on the parade field during the graduation ceremony.

Warrior Forge is a 29-day odyssey in leadership and Soldiering skills. From the moment cadets arrive at Fort Lewis they are challenged to excel. From the Army Physical Fitness Test held within the first few days of a cadet's arrival to the ultimate challenge of managing a patrol squad in the field as events unfold without warning, cadets are put through their paces nad evaluated for their fitness to lead American Soldiers.

Warrior Forge



Courtesy of Delaware University ARMY ROTC