Holloway Hall

Wireless Information

Salisbury University provides wireless access to students, faculty and staff to facilitate the spread of and support for wireless networking technologies. Our wireless network follows the 802.11 A/B/G/N standard, allowing a maximum theoretical data transfer rate of 300Mbps on N.

To get connected to our network, you will need a wireless network card or adapter.  Please follow the following instructions to connect to SU's wireless network:

  • SU-Secure is the new WPA2 Encrypted wireless network and the preferred network for Students and mobile devices.  Please attempt to connect to SU-Secure before proceeding with additional steps.
  • If you cannot connect to SU-Secure, connect to the SU-Connect network, and an automated assistance process will aid you in setting your device up for access to the SU-Secure network.
  • Detailed setup instructions for this SU-Secure are below in case SU-Connect is not sufficient:

    *NOTE*  If you are missing the "Thawte Root CA" certificate referenced in the guides above, you can download and install it here (Right-click the file and "Save As", unzip the file then run the certificate on your local computer) --> Thawte Primary Root CA

  • All game consoles, DVD players, or televisions which require network connectivity should be connected via wired Ethernet if possible.  These devices can be connected to SU-Open, though significant latency may be expected.

If your laptop does not have a wireless adapter, you can purchase a PCMCIA or USB add-on adapter.


Current Wireless Access Locations as of August 2012:

  • All Academic and Administrative buildings.
  • All Residence Halls.
  • University Park.