Holloway Hall

MAC Address / Game Console Registration

UPDATE - 08/2013

All game consoles and wired media devices should be pre-registered.  If you are having connectivity issues with your game console or wired network media device, please double check your Ethernet cable to make sure it is plugged in securely on both sides.

Gaming Consoles, SmartTVs and Other Network Devices: If you want to use a gaming console, smart television or other network device on the SU wireless network, you will need to register your device online at Click the Register a Network device link on the Online Ticketing site and fill out the requested information to register your device. You will receive an email notification when your support ticket was resolved and your device is registered for use on the SU wireless network.

Once your gaming console, smartTV or other network device is registered, you will need to connect your device to SU-Connect. See your device's manual for information on how to connect it to a wireless network.