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Request to Participate in Commencement Ceremony Prior to Completing Coursework for Degree
April 3rd for May 2015 Commencement Ceremony

Undergraduate Students(login required)

Graduate Students -          (login required)

Students submitting requests after the due date might not have their names included in the commencement program.

Graduation applications are processed through your GullNet account via the drop down box in the middle of your student center.

Application Deadlines:
May 15th for Fall/December degree completion.
November 15th for Spring/May degree completion.


Add Swap form (PDF)

Change Course Credit Hours or Grading Basis - due add/drop week (login required)

Request to Enroll in More Than a Normal Load (login required)

Graduate Credit in Senior Year Request (login required)

Maryland Residency for Tuition Application (PDF)

Non-degree Registration -
online form (login required)
Course Schedules available for summer
and fall beginning March 3, 2014.

High School Concurrent Enrollment- (word)

Wicomico County Dual Enrollment - (PDF)

Policy Waiver Request (login required)

Readmission Application - (login required)   Allow 2 weeks to process
Fall: JULY 31, Spring: Dec. 20

Request to Study at Another Institution-online form (login required)

Order My Records Forms Update My Records Forms

Academic Clemency Application (PDF)

*Major and Minor Changes -
online form (login required)
*NEW -
Perdue Business Major Changes and Perdue Business Minor Changes - online form (login required)

Change of Catalog and Requirements (login required)

Update Name, Birth Date, Social Security # (login required)

Withdrawal (login to GullNet, form is at the bottom of blue menu) - If you plan to return, a Readmission application must be submitted. FAQ document

 Transfer Credit Inquiry (PDF)