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Undergraduate Students

The Office of the Registrar works closely with School Advising Services Coordinators and Faculty Advisors to prepare for student registration.  Below you will find important information about enrolling into classes.

Program Planning

  • All degree seeking undergraduate students are required to meet with their advisor prior to signing up for classes.
  • Appointments are available based upon class standing and the advisor’s schedule.
  • Be sure to check your academic requirements, and to have an idea of what classes you would like to take before meeting with your advisor.
  • Program Planning forms can be found outside your advisor’s office door, or through the department.
  • Advisors must activate your account before you can sign up for classes.
  • For any advising questions please see your academic advisor; if they are not available, your advising services coordinator.
  • Undergraduate students are able to register based on their number of earned credits. For a complete list of registration dates visit
  • Registration takes place starting at 7:00am via GullNet during program planning.
  • New freshmen or transfer students will sign up during their preview session (see First Semester Student Information).

Open Enrollment

  • Open enrollment starts after program planning and new student registration.  All current students may register and change their schedules during this period.
  • Students are not required to meet with their advisor to participate in open enrollment.
  • Registration takes place starting at 12:01am via GullNet during open enrollment.
  • Students are encouraged to enroll in classes during Program Planning and not to wait for open enrollment as class availability is limited at this time.


  • Class pre-requisites may be found in GullNet under the course description and in the catalog.  Students should review and know all pre-requisites before enrolling into a class.  If the student has questions about them they should first talk with their advisor and then the class instructor if needed.  Successful registration of a course with a pre-requisite in Gullnet does not mean that the student meets the course pre-requisite.  Students may be dropped by the course instructor or department if they have not completed the appropriate course pre-requisites prior to the start of the class.

Account Holds

  • Students with an account hold may be prevented from enrollment into a course.  To see if you have a hold, look for the negative service indicator icon at the top right side of your Student Center.  If so please click it to see the type of hold on your account or check the hold menu on the right side of your Student Center.  Below are possible holds that will prevent you from registering:
    • Admissions Hold
    • Cashier's Hold
    • Judicial Hold
    • Residency Hold

Closed Classes

  • Each department handles request to enroll in closed classes differently.  Please contact the department of the class you wish to take directly for instructions.

Enrollment Limit





  Max Term Cr Hrs       

         19 hrs           

         16 hrs         

      7 hrs     

  Max Session Cr Hrs  

   9 hrs (7 week session)   

    8 hrs (5 week session)   


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