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Graduate Students

Graduate Student registration is completed through each Graduate Department with the assistance of the Office of the Registrar.  It is extremely important that during registration periods students are checking their SU email accounts for the most up to date information.

Program Planning

Each program of study handles Program Planning differently.  It is important to check with your Program Director/Advisor for detailed information about enrolling during this time.  Certain departments require students to meet with their Program Director/Advisor before the students account will be activated for enrollment.  These Graduate Programs are:

  • Applied Health
  • Business Administration
  • Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution
  • English
  • History
  • Nursing
  • Social Work

Additionally, to maintain fulltime status for the fall/spring semesters as a graduate student, enrollment requirements are 9 credit hours for all students except graduate assistants who are required to enroll in 6 hours.  During the winter/spring semesters 6 credit hours are required.  For detailed information please visit the Graduate Studies site.  Students who wish to overload will need to speak with their Program Director to discuss the approval process.

Open Enrollment

  • Open enrollment starts after program planning.
  • Students are not required to meet with their advisor to participate in open enrollment.
  • Registration takes place starting at 12:01 am via GullNet during open enrollment.
  • Students are encouraged to enroll in classes during Program Planning and not to wait for open enrollment as class availability is limited at this time.


Class pre-requisites may be found in GullNet under the course description and in the catalog.  Students should review and know all pre-requisites before enrolling into a class.  If the student has questions about them they should first talk with their advisor and then the class instructor if needed.  Successful registration of a course with a pre-requisite in Gullnet does not mean that the student meets the course pre-requisite.  Students may be dropped by the course instructor or department if they have not completed the appropriate course pre-requisites prior to the star of the class.    

Account Holds

Students with an account hold may be prevented from enrollment into a course.  To see if you have a hold, look for the negative service indicator icon at the top right side of your Student Center.  If so please click it to see the type of hold on your account or check the hold menu on the right side of your Student Center.  Below are possible holds that will prevent you from registering:

  • Admissions Hold
  • Cashier's Hold
  • Judicial Hold
  • Residency Hold

Closed Classes

Each department handles request to enroll in closed classes differently.  Please contact the department of the class you wish to take directly for instructions. 

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