Office of the Registrar
Holloway Hall

Service Members

         If called to active duty:

A student who is called to Active Duty after during a semester should submit the standard Withdrawal form and also provide a copy of his/her DD-214. 

A student who is called to active duty in the United States Armed Services, the National Guard or Reserves is entitled to readmit to Salisbury University with the same academic status held at the time of separation if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The student has not attended and been academically dismissed from another institution prior to the request for readmission to Salisbury University.
  • The student must complete a Readmission Application to notify the Registrar’s Office of their intent to readmit.  If the absence was for more than one calendar year, a Residency form must also be submitted.


Tuition Assistance

If you wish to use Tuition Assistance, please contact your chain of command.  Maryland National Guard tuition waiver request forms should be submitted to the Cashier’s Office. 

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