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Adding a Class

  • Classes are added via Gullnet. For more information, see the How-to Video page
  • If a class is closed, you will not be able to add it via Gullnet. Each department handles request to enroll in closed classes differently.  Please contact the department of the class you wish to take directly for instructions.  IT IS ENTIRELY UP TO THE DISCRETION OF THE INSTRUCTOR AND THE DEPARTMENT CHAIR AS TO WHETHER YOU ARE ALLOWED INTO THE CLASS OVER THE LIMIT. 
  • If a class requires a permission number, this is obtained through the department. Please contact the department if a permission number is required. 
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Dropping a Class

  • Classes are dropped via Gullnet. For more information, see the How-to Video page.
  • Classes can be dropped during the specific ADD/DROP period for any term without penalty- the course will not appear on a transcript.  After this deadline, students can only withdraw from a course through midsemester and it will appear on the transcript with a grade of W. It will not affect your GPA. For specific dates, see the Academic Calendar.
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Withdrawing from a Class

  • To withdraw from a class, drop the class on Gullnet the same way you would in the first week of classes. For more information, see the How-to Video page.
  • Withdraws occur after the first week of classes until midsemester, and will appear on a student’s transcript with a grade of “W.” This grade shows that you attempted the class, but withdrew from it. It will not affect your GPA.  For specific dates, see the Academic Calendar.
  • After midsemester, you can withdraw from the enitre semester on GullNet (it is the last form under the main menu), but from an individual course.  You will receive a “WP” (withdraw while passing) or a “WF” (withdraw while failing) grade for each course.  Grades of "WP" and "WF" do not affect your GPA. For specific dates, see the Academic Calendar.
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