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Procurement Requisition Forms and Instructions

Requisition for Commodities/Supplies & Services

Instructions for Completing Requisitions

Requisition for Honoraria, Consultants, and Entertainers

Simplified Procurement Contract

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Requisition for Commodities/Supplies & Services

  • Salisbury University Requisition for Commodities/Supplies and Services (WORD)
  • Salisbury University Requisition for Commodities/Supplies and Services (PDF)

    1. Submit requisition to the appropriate Buying Office for purchases of commodities/supplies and services. (Services for consultants, speakers, and entertainers or for travel/travel registrations should not be requested on this form.)

    2. For procurements of $5,000 or less the requisition may be submitted via email as an attachment and no signature is necessary. Email addresses for each buying office are noted above. Do not send to an individual's email address, unless that is the address specified above. Failure to submit to proper email address could result in a delay in processing the requisition. The email message must come from the budget administrator or an authorized designee. (There must be a procurement authorization form on file in financial services for the designee.)

    3. For procurements greater than $5,000 departments must submit a signed hard copy of the requisition.

    4. All merchandise will be received through the Support Services department located in the Physical Plant building and will be distributed to the appropriate location by Support Services. Support Services will also provide a courier service for picking up local orders placed by a buying office. Support Services' policy for delivery is that it will be made to the department within seventy-two (72) hours from the time of receipt by Support Services from the vendor.

    5. The various buying offices will process requisitions in an expeditious manner upon receipt of an approved and acceptable requisition.

    6. Detailed specifications should be provided as an attachment to the requisition. (See description and specification guidelines).

    7. If you have already obtained bids, please submit them as an attachment to the requisition.

    8. All requisitions being charged to a grant account code (Program 02) must be approved by the Office of Sponsored Programs before submission to a buying office.
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Instructions for Completing Requisitions

1. Check box to the right of appropriate buying office (see buying assignments under Buying Offices.)

2. Enter date of requisition.

3. Enter desired (realistic) delivery date (asap is not acceptable).

4. Enter department ID number.

5. Enter department name.

6. Enter name of contact person.

7. Enter location of department where delivery is to be made (building and room number).

8. Enter departmental contact person's telephone number.

9. Enter fiscal year of budget this expenditure will be charged to.

10. Enter contract number if applicable.

11. Enter suggested vendors - include name, address, telephone number, fax number, and federal employer identification number or social security number (additional vendors can be listed on an attachment if necessary).

12. Insert line number.

13. Insert quantity needed.

14. Insert unit type (each, case, box, etc.).

15. Insert unit price.

16. Description and Specification Guidelines

Referencing manufacturer and/or vendor specifications are not acceptable ways to specify commodities/supplies. Specifications for the item must be written by the department and must cover the minimum acceptable requirements. The requisition should contain the following information:

A. The generic name of the item. Identify what the item is by its generic name. (example - microscope) You may also include part number or catalog number of the item given by the manufacturer or distributor. The manufacturer's brand name and model numbers may be used at the end of the description with the phrase "or equal", as a guide to indicate quality needed to meet the minimum acceptable requirements.

B. Write important features, called salient features, needed including the minimum acceptable technical information. Include the key performance factors that are required.

C. Requirements such as installation, warranty, delivery time, etc., should also be included when necessary. If on site inspection is needed in order to install an item, give the name and phone number of the person to contact for this purpose.

D. Ensure that attachments submitted with requisitions (such as catalog cuts, specifications, drawings, etc.) are accurate, clean, readable copies, and are suitable for photocopying.

E. Descriptions or specifications requiring more than one line should be on an attachment to the requisition.

17. Insert total cost for line.

18. Signature of Budget Administrator or authorized designee. (letter of authorization from budget administrator must be on file in Financial Services for designee).

19. Date signed by budget administrator or authorized designee.

20. Total dollar amount of requisition.

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Requisition for Honoraria, Consultants, and Entertainers

1. Enter Vendor Name

2. Enter Vendor Address

3. Enter Vendor Social Security Number or Federal Employer Identification Number. (whichever is applicable)

4. Enter scope/description of service to be provided by vendor.

5. Enter any other information that you feel may be pertinent and you wish to convey to Accounts Payable or Procurement.

6. Enter the date(s) of the performance/service.

7. Enter fee to be paid to vendor. (AMOUNT MAY NOT EXCEED $5,000.00)

8. Enter any travel expenses that will be reimbursed to the vendor. Must be in accordance with Salisbury State University Policies and Procedures for Travel and Miscellaneous Reimbursements.

9. Account Code(s) to be charged.

10. Name of Budget Administrator responsible for Account Code(s) listed. Must have name of Budget Administrator for each account code listed.

11. Budget Administrator Signature and Date. Must have signature of Budget Administrator for each account code listed.

12. Signature and Date of Dean or Director if required.

12. Signature and date of Contractor/Vendor.

13. Signature and Date of Procurement Officer.


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