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Post Office

The Campus Post Office is open from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. The office is closed both Saturday and Sunday. Lobby access to your mailbox remains open until midnight.

Mail comes to the university two times a day. Mail comes at 8AM and at 12 noon. The mail then has to be sorted and is in student mailboxes by 10 AM and 2 PM. Carriers such as UPS and Fed Ex arrive at different times during the day. If you get mail that doesn't fit in your mailbox, a package slip is placed in your mailbox. Bring the notice and your student ID to the service window to pick up your package.

All mail leaves campus at 2:30 PM. Any mail dropped in the mail slots after 2:30 will not leave campus until the next day. Mail dropped after 2:30 on Friday will not leave campus until Monday.

We accept cash and the Gull Card. We don't accept checks or credit cards!!

We sell stamps and send out mail only using USPS services. We provide different sized priority boxes for your convenience. The boxes are free. You just pay for the postage. We can weigh any package you want to send out. The campus Book Store also carries padded or bubble envelopes if you don't need a box.

Each person living on campus gets their own mailbox. Each mailbox is a combination lock. You are given your combo at the beginning of the semester. If you lose or forget your combo, you can come to the window and request a sticker to be placed on back of your ID with your combo on it.. For your safety, do not leave your combo on your last number. People like to come through and turn the dials and see if they pop open. Be safe and turn your lock when you are done!!

One of the following address should be used on all incoming mail to Salisbury University:

Name Name
Salisbury University or 1101 Camden Ave
Campus Box XXXX Campus Box XXXX
Salisbury MD 21801-6860 Salisbury MD 21801-6860

Let everyone know that you need Salisbury University or 1101 Camden Ave. somewhere in your address. The Post Office in Salisbury has the same box numbers and there could be some delay if you don't include SU instead of PO.

If you ever have any questions or concerns with the Campus Post Office, please come to the service window and someone will be glad to assist you.

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