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Certified Mail w/ Return Receipt- requires a signature indicating it has been received. It is also used in tracking of your mail piece. The bottom stub stays on the mail piece and the sender gets the top section for his/her records. The return receipt is a green card that comes back with a signature in the mail back to the sender. Certified costs $2.95 and the Return Receipt costs $2.35. This service is traceable on line at
** You can only get a return receipt with certified mail. It is not a separate service.**

Insured Mail- Make sure your package doesn't get lost or damaged in shipping. You insure the package for its worth. If the package gets lost or damaged, you claim the insured amount. The USPS will pay the claims, not the campus post office. Insurance for under $50 costs $1.85. Insurance between $51-$100 costs $2.35, and increases $1.05 for every $100 of additional coverage. This service is traceable on line at

Priority Mail- by far the most popular and cost effective means of mailing something quickly. Delivery is expected in 2-3 days, although it is not guaranteed. Any mail piece above 13 ounces automatically qualifies for priority mail. Priority mail starts at $5.15 and increases depending on weight and the distance in which the parcel is traveling. We provide 12 different sizes of envelopes and boxes for your convenience. These items are free. You just pay for the shipping.

Delivery Confirmation- when you just want to make sure someone signs for the package you send. Only available on parcels and Priority Mail. Cost is 70 cents for Priority mail and 80 cents for all other parcels. This service is traceable on line at

International Mail- Mail and parcels are weighed and custom forms are filled out for delivery to all international countries including APO and FPO. Costs depend on weight and country. International letters start at $1.05 cents. Letters for Canada and for Mexico are 85 cents.

We don't:

- do overnight mail.

- accept checks or credit cards.

- offer money orders.

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