Post Office
Holloway Hall

Bulk Mail Instructions

You must have at least 200 pieces in order to qualify for a bulk mail.

All mail pieces need an indicia in the upper right corner (where the stamp normally would go).  This indicia contains SU's bulk mailing permit number #65 along with other info the USPS requires.  This indicia can be printed manually (we have a rubber stamp). You can also arrange to have either Publications or Duplications make it look more professional by having the indicia printed on your envelopes before you begin addressing them. As of January 4 2010, the USPS requires that all non-profit or bulk mail contain " Address Services Requested". This should be printed on all mail pieces under the return address. The USPS is trying to clean up some old addresses. By using ASR, you will get the letter back with the new address in the hopes you will correct it your database for the next mailing.

If your mail piece is a bi-fold or tri-fold, tabs or tape will need to be used to close the mail piece. The open side opposite the spine and the right side need to be closed with tabs/tape. This will prevent flaps from flying open or get caught in machinery. DO NOT USE STAPLES!!!! Stapled mail pieces will be returned or presented as non-machineable and the cost of the mailing will more than double the cost.

Step 1. Please separate all 218 zip codes and rubber band those. They get a discount.

Step 2. The next step is to separate all state of MD zips.

Step 3. Next step is group everything else together.

Please arrange all your letters/flats in zip code order. You can order your labels in zip code order.

Include the number of pieces and the account number the mailing will be charged. The Campus Post Office will fill out the form for you. If possible, please drop off mailing at campus post office.

Rubber bands and mail crates are available in the Campus Post Office if you need them.