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For questions about any of these sessions please contact the University’s prelaw adviser, Dr. Bobbi Adams (410) 677-5426 or

Fall 2015 Prelaw Seminars

Unless otherwise noted Events will be held Friday 3:00 in TETC 152

Wednesday September 9 at 4:30 in Perdue Hall 151: Should Division I Athletes Unionize?
Professor Pat McDermott, J.D., Management and Marketing, who specializes in Labor Law, will kick off the semester with a discussion of the effort of Division I athletes to be declared University Employees and to unionize. What is the role of the law and those who practice or study the law in making these decisions? What is the correct use of labor law and regulations? What might be the effect of these decisions?

September 25: The LSAT
This session will introduce the LSAT exam and explain what to expect when taking the exam (both in the day of the exam and in the exam itself). It will review how to avoid common exam mistakes and maximize scores. This session will explain how the exam is used in admission by various law schools and answer some common and basic questions about the exam, including: What is a good score? Is it possible to improve my score? When should I take the exam? “(When) should I re-take the exam? What happens if I do not do well? as well as other questions which students may have. This session will be helpful for students taking the LSAT October 3 as well as for students beginning to consider law school and trying to understand the process.

October 9:  Roundtable discussion with admission directors from regional law schools.
This session will include admission directors from regional law schools who answer questions about their admission processes, programs, applications, and standards. They answer any questions students may have and are available for individual consultation after the session. This is an important opportunity to gain some inside information into the law school admission process.

October 23: Academic Advising and Preparing for law school. 
This session during program planning will review how to structure an undergraduate program to best prepare for law school. What skills do you need to hone for law school and what classes will aid in that task? It will also address law school expectations and process of evaluation. This is NOT meant to replace a meeting with your adviser, but to supplement it. There will be time for individual consultation and questions at the end of the group session.

November 6: Consultations for effective personal statements. 
During this week individual meetings can be scheduled to work on effective personal statements. Personal statements are an important part of law school applications and can often be the determining factor. Before finishing and submitting applications, you can use this opportunity to meet with your prelaw adviser to consult on and revise your personal statement. Please have a draft and e-mail for an appointment.

November 20: Navigating the LSAC. 
This session explains the protocols of applying to law school and how to manage them. What is the LSDAS? Why do you have to register for it and when should you do so? How do you work with the LSAC website? How about the credential service? Applying to law school is unlike applying to other academic disciplines and this session will explain how the system works. What you need to do and when. This session is valuable for students considering law school to give them and overview about understanding the process and for those currently applying as it will address some specific issues which can benefit the current applicant.