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Programs, Opportunities, and Scholarships

Jurist Academy at Widener University - This is a FULLY FUNDED program, including a small stipend for rising juniors and seniors running from May 31, 2016-June 10, 2016. It is directed College students who have completed at least their sophomore year by June 6, 2016, have earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.8 or better, have taken 1 course related to the study of law, and who are members of a group which represents diversity and which is historically underrepresented in law schools. Please note: historically underrepresented in law school is understood broadly, you are eligible for example if you are from an economically disadvantaged background, first in family to go to college, or many other understandings of diversity.

University of Baltimore Early Entry Program - As a student at a University System of Maryland School you have the option to take advantage of the University of Baltimore School of Law early entry program. This program enables you to finish your undergraduate and J.D. degrees in a total of six years. In this program you enter the University of Baltimore School of Law after completing three years of SU course work. Your work in law school is used to complete your undergraduate degree. The minimum requirements for admission to the program are: completing at least 90 undergraduate credits, having a GPA of 3.50, and having an LSAT score of 155. You must complete the LSAT exam no later than February of the year in which you want to begin your studies. You must apply to University of Baltimore School of Law by April 1, but are encouraged to do so by March 1 at the latest. If you are interested in the program you should talk with both your major and prelaw adviser as successful completion of the undergraduate portion of the program requires carefully planning. You should also contact University of Baltimore School of Law Admissions at 410.837.4459 or for more information.

The Cornell University Prelaw Program in New York City - This is a six week program run by Cornell University (at Pace University) in New York City from June 6 - July 15, 2016. It includes a for credit course which operates in the law school style, Government 3150, "Introduction to the American Legal System: Its Nature, Functions, and Institutions." This gives students an access to how law school classes operate before beginning law school. The program also includes access to legal internships in New York City. Please note that the cost of this program in tuition and fees is nearly $6000. Admission to the program is on a rolling basis. There is no formal deadline, but when the program is full, no more applications will be accepted. Internships are limited and competitive, moreover; therefore, if you are interested in the program it is in your interest to apply as early as possible. For more information and application requirements please access the website, or call 607-255-7259.

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