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Political Science
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Political Science Major

Major and Track Requirements  The political science major can be completed in one of two ways: traditional major or an applied politics track. An official checklist that includes General Education Requirements, major requirements, and other university requirements is available at the department office, Fulton Hall 266. POSC requirements are summarized below. All political science majors must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete with minimum grades of C, 10 courses in political science with at least 6 courses at the 300/400 level.*
  2. Complete the following Political Science CORE REQUIREMENTS:  POSC 101, 103, and 300
  3. Complete an additional 4 courses with one course from each of the following fields: (DISTRIBUTION REQUIREMENTS):  Comparative Politics  POSC 310, 311, 313, 390, 408, or 417;   International Politics/Foreign Policy  POSC 210, 213, 215, 312, 409, 411, 413, or 415;   Political Theory  POSC 200, 370, or 401;  American Politics/Public Policy  POSC 112, 202, 230, 260, 301, 315, 320, 330, 340 (3 hrs. only), 341, 360, 430, 440, 450, or 460.
  4. Satisfy the requirements for the traditional major or one of the tracksNote to transfer students: Transfer students must take at least 15 hours of POSC courses at SU.

*A complete list course offerings follow the description of the tracks. 

Traditional Major  Students must complete an additional 3 courses in political science.

Applied Politics Track  Students must complete these additional requirements:

  1. Complete these courses: POSC 340, ENGL 306 or CMAT 246 or CMAT 443, and MATH 155.
  2. Select 3 courses from the following list*: POSC 202, 301, 315, 320, 430, 440.

*One of these courses can also be used to fulfill the distribution requirement of one course from the American Politics/Public Policy field.

Political Science Courses

Political Theory

POSC 200 Political Ideologies
POSC 370 Democracy
POSC 401 Political Theory

American Politics/Public Policy

POSC 103 Into to American Public Policy
POSC 110 American National Government
POSC 112 Contemporary Issues
POSC 202 State and Local Government in the US
POSC 230 Judicial Process and Politics
POSC 300 Methods of Empirical Political Analysis
POSC 301 Political Parties and Peer Groups
POSC 315 The Presidency in American Politics
POSC 320 Public Policy Analysis
POSC 330 American Constitutional Development
POSC 340 Political Science Internship
POSC 341 Political Science Internship Seminar
POSC 360 Environmental Policy
POSC 430 The Congress in American Politics
POSC 440 Public Administration
POSC 450 Civil Rights and Liberties
POSC 460 Environmental Law

Comparative Politics

POSC 310 Comparative European Government
POSC 311 Comparative Government of Developing Nations
POSC 313 Comparative Politics of the Middle East
POSC 390 International Field Study
POSC 417 Russia and the Soviet Union

International Politics/Foreign Policy

POSC 210 Introduction to International Relations
POSC 213 War and Peace in the Middle East
POSC 215 American Foreign Policy
POSC 409 Causes of War
POSC 411 International Law
POSC 413 International Political Economy
POSC 415 The United Nations System

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