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Political Science
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Concentration in International Political Economy

Students must take:
  • 27 hours from least 3 different disciplines.
  • 24 hours (as specified) in Groups One, Two and Three
  • 3 hours of electives from any group

(Note: Students taking the IPE concentration must take ECON 212 in the core instead of ECON 150.)

Group One:  Economics - ECON 211 and ECON 441, plus 2 other courses

ECON 211 Micro-Economic Principles
ECON 441 Introduction to International Economics
ECON 305 Intermediate Macro-Theory
ECON 306 Intermediate Micro-Theory
ECON 401 History of Economic Thought
ECON 402 Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 411 Economic Development

Group Two:  Global Political Institutions and Political Economy - POSC 413, plus one other course

POSC 311 Comparative Government of Developing Nations
POSC 413 International Political Economy
POSC 415 The United Nations System
SOCI 210 Introduction to Global Sociology

Group Three:  Historical, Political, Cultural and Geographical Settings - 6 Hours

ANTH 450 Comparative Cultures
CMAT 337 International Media Systems
ENGL 365 Literature of the Third World
FREN 315 French Culture and Civilization I
FREN 316 French Culture and Civilization II
FREN 325 Francophone Culture Through Literature
GEOG 101 World Geography: Europe and Asia (if not used in core)
GEOG 102 World Geography: Africa and the Americas (if not used in core)
GEOG 301 World Regions
GEOG 310 Regional Geography of Europe
GERM 350 German Short Stories
HIST 332 National History of Mexico
HIST 333 The ABC Powers
HIST 334 Latin American Institutions
HIST 341 History of Africa from 1800
HIST 355 The Middle East since 1800
HIST 364 Modern Japan
HIST 421 Europe in the 20th Century
HIST 424 Modern Russia
HIST 460 China since 1800
POSC 310 Comparative European Government
POSC 313 Comparative Politics of the Middle East
POSC 417 Russia and the Soviet Union
SOCI 250 Race Relations in Global Perspective (if not used in the core)
SOCI 363 Women and Development
SPAN 315 Elements of Spanish Culture
SPAN 316 Elements of Latin American Culture
SPAN 330 Hispanic Literature in Translation
SPAN 336 Survey of Latin American Literature
SPAN 403 Hispanic Culture Through Literature
PHIL 312 Eastern Philosophies

International Relations | Global Cultural Studies
International Political Economy

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