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The Threatening Behavior or Other Behavioral Concerns form on this website is designed to allow individuals to report potentially threatening, intimidating, or dangerous actions or behavioral patterns of individuals who may benefit from University services and intervention. If you have been the victim of an assault, direct threat, or any other crime, you are also strongly encouraged to contact the University Police at 410-543-6222 for assistance.

Individuals who exhibit potentially threatening, intimidating, or dangerous actions or behavioral patterns may be participating in destructive decisions (self destructive and/or destructive towards others), may have talked about plans to harm themselves or others, or may have access to weapons that can be used to harm themselves or others. Individuals who have not yet developed plans or obtained the means to harm themselves or others may still benefit from intervention. No one indicator necessarily means that an individual may harm himself or others; multiple observed factors are often involved. University Police encourages reporting of individuals who may fall into these categories.

Behavioral Assessment Review

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Click submit to send to the Chief of Police. Please call 410-543-6222 with any questions.

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