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Campus Security & Crime Prevention

Salisbury University is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment.  University Police, in cooperation with other university organizations and departments, present crime prevention awareness sessions on emergency response, sexual assault, self-defense, drug awareness, theft, identity theft, personal safety and residence hall security.

Additional campus security and crime prevention information is provided in the links below.

Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

All Salisbury University students, faculty, staff and visitors who are the victim or witness to a crime are encouraged to make prompt and accurate reports to University Police.  Crimes committed on campus should be reported immediately to University Police.  To contact University police dial 410-543-6222 from a public phone, Ext. 36222 from any campus phone, or #787 from a Verizon cell. Campus extension phones are situated at various locations in academic buildings and at the main entrances to most of the residence halls. You may also use the "Blue light" emergency phones which are placed at various locations on the grounds. For emergencies, dial 911.

If the crime occurred off campus, University Police will direct you to the appropriate law enforcement agency.  Crimes occurring at University Park Apartments should be reported to the Salisbury Police Department (for emergencies dial 911, for non-emergencies dial 410-548-3165).

Although students, employees and others are encouraged to report all criminal activity to University Police and/or local police, reports may also be reported to the Dean of Students (410-548-2365), Associate Vice President of Student Affairs (410-543-6084), Vice President of Student Affairs (410-543-6080), Assistant Director for Residence Life (410-548-9165), Director of Housing and Residence Life (410-543-6040) or the Assistant Director for Operations and Judicial Management (410-543-6040) for statistical reporting and timely warning purposes.

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Timely Warnings

An informed public is better prepared to ensure its own safety.  Timely warnings are made to the campus community via email and/or other media when serious incidents merit.  University Police will determine the content of the message and communicate the threat to all students and employees in the form of a "Special Bulletin."  The decision to issue a "Special Bulletin" will be made based on the facts of the incident and whether there exists a continuing and/or imminent threat to the campus community.

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Campus Facilities

Residence halls are kept locked 24 hours a day. These facilities are for use by residents and their bona fide guests only. Access is controlled electronically through the resident's Gull Card.  Residents are encouraged to keep their doors locked at all times, even if they are only going to be out for a "few minutes." If exterior doors are propped open, an alarm will sound. Guests gain access to residence halls by telephoning residents and having the residents meet them at the door. Exterior call boxes are located at the entrance to the residence hall.

The University Park apartment complex is responsible for the physical security and maintenance of this property.  Residents access their unit by a keyless electronic card access system.

Academic and administrative buildings are normally open from 7:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, and at other times when events are scheduled. Blackwell Library is open seven days a week with hours posted in front. Those needing to access buildings at times when buildings are closed may do so if proper authorization is received by the University Police from a responsible faculty member or administrator.  Key control is maintained by University Police.

Outdoor lighting is surveyed on a monthly basis and repairs are made in a timely manner. Trees and shrubbery are regularly trimmed so that exterior lighting is not blocked and walks and entrances are kept clear. Landscaping is maintained to minimize security risks.

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Law Enforcement & Security Units

The Salisbury University Police Department (SUPD), located in the East Campus Complex, is responsible for personal safety and law enforcement on campus.  Its mission is to enhance the education and cultural experience for all students, faculty, staff and visitors by providing professional, competent and compassionate law enforcement services and security.  In November 2013 SUPD earned accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). This achievement is a reflection of the department’s dedicated officers and staff members who work hard every day to make Salisbury University a safe place to learn, work and live.

University Police Officers' Authority

University police officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  They are sworn, certified police officers as required by Maryland state law. All officers attend the minimum standards training for police officers as mandated by the Maryland Police Training Commission; annual in‑service training is required. Enforcement authority of the University police is derived from the Annotated Code of Maryland Education Article 13‑601. University police have enforcement authority on the jurisdiction of the University. The Maryland State Police, Wicomico County Sheriff's Department and the Salisbury Police Department may be called for assistance if requested by the university.  Likewise, if requested, University Police can respond and assist the local police agencies with student-related incidents that occur in close proximity to the campus.

Security Guards

Security guards have the authority to ask persons for identification and to determine whether individuals have lawful business at Salisbury University.  These guards perform routine security activities to protect buildings and property and safeguard the community during normal operations and special events.  Security guards are not law enforcement officers.  They have no power of arrest.  Criminal incidents are referred to the Salisbury University Police Department who has jurisdiction on the campus.

Student Patrol

Student Patrol officers provide an additional patrol presence during evening and early morning hours.  This unit consists of students who are employed and trained by members of University Police.  They carry police radios and can notify the police should they see anything suspicious.  Student Patrol officers also perform a variety of tasks in support of University Police.  These services include:  security at special events, foot patrol, traffic control and escorts.  

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Surveillance Cameras

University Police manages a campus-wide video surveillance system.  Currently, the system is comprised of approximately 800 cameras, to include fixed position cameras as well as user controllable pan-tilt-zoom cameras, located both indoors and out.  All of the video footage is recorded and archived for a determined period of time, providing an investigative resource when incidents of crime are reported.  

Consideration is given to the reasonable expectation of privacy at every location where a camera is installed.  Cameras are generally installed in main pedestrian throughways, building egresses, parking lots and facilities, and public roadways and sidewalks; in short, cameras are only installed at locations where one’s expectation of privacy is generally limited.  Additionally, technology is employed that inhibits exterior cameras from being used to view through residence hall room windows.

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Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a program through which engraving devices are loaned or an officer will assist in engraving driver's license numbers on personal property. Operation Identification can prevent thefts, or in the case of theft, assist in the recovery of stolen property. 

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