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Crime Prevention & Security Awareness Programs/Services

Crime Prevention Program

Available services include: speakers for campus groups, including new student seminars as well as new employee orientation seminars; programs to discuss sexual assault, drugs and alcohol, and safety on a university campus; brochures and pamphlets for distribution; publication of crimes and incidents in the campus newspaper; and Operation Identification, through which engraving devices are loaned or an officer will assist in engraving driver's license numbers on personal property. Operation Identification can prevent thefts, or in the case of theft, assist in the recovery of stolen property.

Security Awareness Programs

During Orientation in August, students are informed of services offered by University Police and the Salisbury Police Department. PowerPoint presentations outline ways to maintain personal safety and residence hall security. Students are told about crime on-campus and in the neighborhoods surrounding the campus. Similar information is presented to new employees. Crime prevention and sexual assault programs are offered on a continual basis.

Periodically during the academic year, University Police, in cooperation with other university organizations and departments, present crime prevention awareness sessions on emergency response, sexual assault (rape and acquaintance rape), drug awareness, theft, identify theft and vandalism, as well as educational sessions on personal safety and residence hall security. A common theme of all awareness and crime prevention programs is to encourage students and employees to be aware of their responsibility for their own security and the security of others."You are your own best protection" is a theme taught, and "how to avoid becoming a victim" is also emphasized in the programs.

"Personal Safety Tips" and other relevant information about safety and well-being on campus are included in each edition of SU News, a weekly campus newsletter widely distributed on campus. Information is also disseminated to students and employees through crime prevention awareness pamphlets, security alert posters, displays and videos. Information is also available on the University Police website as a monthly newsletter with articles on different aspects of crime prevention.

When time is of the essence, information is released to the community through security alerts posted prominently throughout campus, through special bulletins sent via campus e-mail and through the Emergency Alert System. Periodically during the year, the University conducts familiarization exercises for the Emergency Alert System in order to familiarize the campus community with the sound of the emergency siren. For more information

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Rape Aggression Defense Systems (R.A.D)

R.A.D. is an international self-defense organization that teaches self-defense techniques for all types of confrontations using different levels of force. A University police officer is trained and certified to teach the program. The program is offered several times each semester for students, faculty and staff.

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An escort service is provided for anyone who feels uncomfortable walking alone on campus or to nearby off campus locations during the hours of darkness. The Student Government Association operates SafeRide, Thursday-Saturday nights, to provide transportation to campus.

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Bicycle Registration

Students are encouraged to register their bicycles with the University Police at no charge. Registering bicycles assists police in recovering them if they are stolen. Registration forms are available online and in the Parking Services Office located in the East Campus Complex, Room 149. It is highly recommended that U type locks be used for securing bikes. University Police can assist in selecting locks.

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