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Rape Aggression Defense Training

R.A.D. Registration

This 12 hour program is offered primarily to SU students, faculty and staff.  Please plan to attend all 4 days.

April 20, 22, 27, and 29, 2015
(Mon and Wed) Time: 7-10 PM.

Comments/ Questions:

The Salisbury University Police Department is committed to providing the safest environment possible. With this in mind, SUPD offers Rape Aggression Defense classes two times each semester. 

All R.A.D. classes offered by the SUPD are FREE and the only cost of the program is your time.

Rape Aggression Defense systems or R.A.D. is an international self-defense organization.  R.A.D. differs from other self-defense programs in that it offers a FREE lifetime return and practice policy. Once you have completed the program, your manual will be signed by your instructor insuring that you can return to any R.A.D. program across the country to practice your techniques free of charge.

The program starts with a personal safety discussion, which includes information focusing on awareness and risk reduction. Student participation and information sharing is encouraged. Topics include safety in the home, the car, and while traveling; as well as current hot issues like “Should I carry pepper spray?”  

The majority of the time is spent practicing physical, self-defense techniques for all types of confrontations using different levels of force. Participation is strongly encouraged. You can work at your own pace. Prior experience is not necessary. The R.A.D. system is specifically designed for women who are willing to consider as a viable option, defense, in situations where their life is in jeopardy.

The program concludes with a simulated attack. A well - padded officer will confront students to allow them the chance to practice the techniques they have learned to defend themselves. The chance to actually use the techniques and strike with maximum force against an “attacker” can be a tremendous confidence builder.

(Sample videos of simulated attack: Sample One-384 KB, Sample Two-424 KB and Sample Three-360 KB)

Television, movies, and to a large part, today’s society have conditioned women to believe that they can not successfully defend themselves against a larger, stronger attacker. During this program, women will come to understand the truth; you can successfully defend yourself against an opponent. We’ll teach you where to hit your attacker to allow you the opportunity to escape.

This program is offered primarily to SU students, faculty and staff.  Please plan to attend all 4 days.

Pfc. Tina Russell
Salisbury University Police
R.A.D. Instructor