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2012 Edition, November Issue

Book Bag Theft
by Sgt. Ed Jones

    What does it take for the University Police to get the message out that you cannot lay your valuables down without them walking off.  We have had problems with the theft of personal articles and book bags stolen from the gym.  People lay these personal items down and they are taken.  There is still the theft of book bags from the Commons as people leave their property while they eat or enter the Bookstore.  

    What does it take?  We are getting close to the end of the semester when students will be selling their books back and the rate of book bag theft will increase.  If you lay your backpack down, you are asking for it to be taken.  Keep your valuables with you.  SUPD cannot stress the point that we are now at a time when the incidents of theft will increase greatly.  Our department can only do so much; the rest is up to you.  DO NOT SET YOUR PROPERTY DOWN IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN THE OWNER OF IT.

    Think about how you will feel if your book bag is stolen and the paper you have to turn in and just finished was on a disk in your STOLEN book bag.  Think about how you will feel if your cell phone was in your STOLEN book bag.  Think about how you will feel when you have a final coming up and the notes you need to study with are in your STOLEN book bag.  Think about the money you will miss out on when the textbooks you want to sell back are in your STOLEN book bag.  If you keep your property with you it will not be stolen.

   Think about having to call your credit card companies because you set your wallet down while playing ball in the gym and it was stolen. Think about the cash you will not have to spend because you were careless with your wallet and set it on a table or the gym floor and it was stolen. THERE ARE LOCKERS IN THE GYM YOU CAN USE TO LOCK UP YOUR VALUABLES, USE THEM.

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